11 July 2016

First Day of School: Research at the National Archives with Gen-Fed 2016

Today is class day. Absorbing all the how to search records at the National Archives and Library of Congress. (DAR Library is also part if the program, but I am not going down that path right now.)

12 August 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Coffee with LeRoy! Photo Mug Created with Shutterfly

This is a fun way for your ancestors and genealogy research to be a part of your everyday life.

(I used Shutterfly to create this mug. I found it easy to use and delivery was quick. Shutterfly is the only online personalization company I have used. If you have used other sites - good or bad - please share.)

01 August 2015

Surname Saturday: Starting with the Nuts and Bolts with the Meisinger Family

Here is the start of LeRoy's family tree. Not everything is 100% if you are related or have questions, feel free to ask.

Clarence LeRoy Meisinger
b. 30 Apr 1895 in Plattsmouth, Nebraska
d. 2 Jun 1924 in Bement, Illinois

LeRoy's wife:
Helen B. Hilton
b. 4 Mar 1897
d. 14 Mar 1936

Picture: Helen Hilton Meisinger (What a beauty!)

LeRoy's parents:
John B. Meisinger
b. 6 Dec 1869 in Illinois
d. 21 Oct 1957 in Lincoln, Nebraska
Nannie Huston
b. 14 Feb 1876
d. 27 Oct 1953 in Lincoln, Nebraska

(LeRoy, Helen, John and Nannie are all buried in Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska)

Picture: LeRoy, John and Nannie

LeRoy's grandparents:
John Baltazar Meisinger
b. 13 Jun 1835 in Bolstein, Hessen, Germany
d. 15 Jan 1909 in Plattsmouth, Nebraska
Anna Eva _______
b. abt 1838 in Germany
d. 19 Jul 1907 in Cass County, Nebraska

LeRoy's great-grandparents:
Johann Georg Meisinger
b. 27 Aug 1812 in Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany
d. 7 May 1900 in Louisville, Cass County, Nebraska
Elizabeth Margaretha Lannert
b. 13 Feb 1813 in Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany
d. 26 Jan 1896 in Louisville, Cass County, Nebraska

31 July 2015

Follow Friday: Move Over Amazon! Abebooks is THE Bookseller Site for Genealogists

Part of my genealogy research includes collecting original copies of books, journals and articles written by or written about LeRoy.

Abebooks, a subsidiary of, has a "unique inventory of books for sale from booksellers [that] includes the world’s finest antiquarian books dating back to the 15th century, countless out-of-print gems, millions of signed books, millions of used copies, a vast selection of college textbooks and new books too."

Abebooks has seven international sites:,,,,, and, a worldwide marketplace for German rare books.

I have found several books and journals on Abebooks with so much useful information. Having an original copy - some almost a hundred years old - to hold in my hands brings my research to life.

So check out this wonderful resource! You never know what you might find!

29 July 2015

Wordless Wednesday - C. LeRoy Meisinger: Portrait of the Weatherman as an Artist

C. LeRoy Meisinger: Meteorologist Uses Ballooning for Reseach in 1924

C. LeRoy Meisinger circa 1923
LeRoy's life was more fascinating than anything found in fiction. He worked as a Meteorologist for the U.S. Weather Bureau. In 1924, he conducted several experiments in a manned free balloon...which, I believe, made him the world's first Storm Chaser.

In the last post, I asked if anyone could tell me what was LeRoy's profession...hoping the image of a hot air balloon would stir up some interesting answers.

C. LeRoy Meisinger: A Man at Work

This blog is all about a fascinating and amazing man, Clarence LeRoy Meisinger. LeRoy was my grandfather's first cousin. But more about that later. This is a picture of LeRoy at work...he is the man in the center wearing an Ivy Cap. Any clue as to his profession?